review by Jennifer


Zeroscape fans were thrilled at the much-anticipated arrival of their latest CD, “Braille”, released at Toronto’s Club Rockit on September 11th. Zeroscape played a phenomenal set for their fans that patiently waited for the 4 kickin’ preceding bands to play.

Zeroscape have the energy on stage like a band on tour together for years, even though the group has been officially completed for only two fresh years. Their incredible energy is backed up with wicked tunes, emanating a sound that is not easily described. A mélange of rap, rock, reggae, metal, Zeroscape is definitely a band with the talent to inspire and leave a lasting impression.

The very production of “Braille” is professional, sporting a jacket with subtle but punchy photos and layers of effects; the CD itself has an impression of sexy lips on it…a personal favorite! The lyrics are potent and superbly written, commanding strong emotions and reactions from the crowd, and Zeroscape themselves. The sound quality on the album definitely does do Zeroscape justice, but witnessing a live performance will make you love the CD even more, as you can still feel Zeroscape with all their powerful energy as though still live.

Check out Zeroscape at for info, pics, and to grab a copy of “Braille”.