review by Jennifer


Montreal’s Plight traveled the 401 to represent the 514 at Club Rockit in downtown Toronto. Asked to be one of a few bands at the Cd launch of Toronto’s Zeroscape, Plight brought their sound to the tough crowd of mainly musicians. Playing songs off their self- titled album, Plight gave it their all, and the crowd was pleased. Performing for other musicians is never easy, especially to a very stylistically different group, but Plight managed to come out ahead as usual. The Plight flavor was refreshing and solid for the Toronto club, as one guy perfectly stated, “It doesn’t sound like Toronto, but that’s what makes it so great for us.” Another chick told me that, “If Plight is what I can hear in Montreal…then I’m moving!” Overall acceptance from other bands, and the crowd of Toronto regulars, makes for a smashing success for a first out of town gig!

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