The Hellz Kitchen Show rocks Rockit
With tunes emanating remnants of Rob Zombie, Ministry and a touch of Manson, T.H.K.S. add their own shock value to their rock. Layering of lyrics with background vocals, and sounds from the keyboards create a real treat of a show. Complete with make up and...

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All the music in the world from all the places in the world from all the faces in the world. ZEROSCAPE was formed in 2001 when four guys with diverse lives came together in Toronto to create original heavy music. The band is founded on the principle that there are no limits to be set and none to be accepted. The music is intense, melodic, infectious, driven, and alive with many different musical influences including but not limited to reggae, alternative rock, hip hop, and metal.

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Zeroscape CD Launch @ Club Rockit
September 11, 2004

Plight @ Zeroscape Launch
September 11, 2004

Endeavour @ Zeroscape Launch
September 11, 2004

Breadfan @ Zeroscape Launch
September 11, 2004

The Hellz Kitchen Show @ Zeroscape Launch
September 11, 2004

Martian Rebel
September 4, 2004


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